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Dry Eye Assessments

If you are finding that your eyes are watery, itchy or gritty it is most likely to be due to dry eyes. When your tears do not adequately wet the sensitive surface of your eyes it leads to dry areas. This can be due to lack of tear quantity but is more often due to a poor tear quality.

Dry eye syndrome treatment

The Causes of Dry Eye

  • As we get older our tears are not as good, especially for women.

  • Central heating and air conditioning give a very dry air environment leading to greater tear evaporation and consequently dry eyes.

  • Certain medical conditions are linked to dry eyes such as arthritis.

  • Infection of the eye-lid margins.

Reducing Your Symptoms

  1. Artificial tears eye drops used a number of times during the day.

  2. A more viscous tear gel used over-night.

  3. Careful cleaning of your eye-lid margins morning and night.

After careful examination of your eyes we may recommend regular use of one or more products which will ease the dry eye symptoms and make your eyes more comfortable.

Girl Using Eye Drops For Dry Eyes Treatment
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