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Contact Lenses

Recent advances in the contact lens industry mean more people can wear contact lenses than ever before. New lens technology allows for more comfort, durability and ease so you can enjoy lenses without issue.


People of all ages can wear contact lenses and there are a variety of options for different lifestyles, routines and eye types.


With benefits like a wide field of vision and more mobility, many of our clients are switching from glasses or combining the two options to fit their routine – if you think contact lenses could help you, get in touch today.

Women Holding Contact Lenses

What To Expect in a Contact Lens Assessment

A contact lens assessment is the simple first step in using contact lenses.


Your optometrist will ask you about your lifestyle, routine and previous eyewear experience to help them recommend contact lenses that are right for you. They will also calculate your prescription and test your eyes to confirm you can wear contact lenses safely. They will then see how your vision is affected by wearing contact lenses and how comfortable you find them.


Finally, they show you how to use apply and remove them which can take a bit of practice.

Choosing The Right Type of Contact Lens

There are a large variety of contact lenses so it can seem daunting to choose the right ones for you. We’ll do our best to recommend contact lenses that fit all of your requirements.


Most commonly soft lenses are used because they are convenient, comfortable and work for most eye types. Rigid lenses can take more time to get used to but certain types are more effective for people with conditions like astigmatism.


Whether you are simply looking for comfortable lenses or have a specific set of requirements, we’ll make sure you get the correct lenses for you.

Women Wearing Contact Lenses
Contact Lens Aftercare Solutions

Aftercare and Advice

Aftercare appointments are a necessary part of using contact lenses. They allow us to resolve any issues you may have with your lenses while also retesting your eyes to see if you need to update your prescription.


Contact lens use is easier than ever, but some people do struggle to become accustomed to them or find they have issues later on – with aftercare you can get the reassurance of knowing we’ll be there to take care of any problems quickly and effectively.

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