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Rodenstock DNEye Scanner

This newly developed instrument measures the low and high order aberrations of the eye subject to individual pupil size. It provides a comprehensive individual assessment of your entire visual system, as well as the brightness-dependent changes of the pupils, allowing you to use 100% of your visual potential.

Simply, it allows us to produce spectacles for you to a level of accuracy previously unobtainable. This is particularly evident in varifocal or progressive lenses, but also with single vision and occupational lenses. We can now customize lenses, tailoring them perfectly to each visual point of your eye, thus producing spectacles of maximum visual comfort and compatibility.


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Children’s Eyecare

Safety, driven by vision.

Check out the new Rodenstock Road driving lenses for confidence behind the wheel this winter

Need an Eye test?

It is important to have your eyes tested regularly to detect visual defects such as Glaucoma, Cataracts and age related
muscular degeneration (ARMD).

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The newly developed Rodenstock DNEye Scanner is now added to our range of optical instruments. Visit our services page for further information.