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Children’s Eyes

At Neil Gordon Opticians we are passionate about children’s eye care.

John Bryan is the principle optometrist at Newham General Hospital where he runs a children’s eye clinic every Friday. Optometrists and other health professionals refer children with difficult or unusual eye problems to that clinic.

Children’s vision continues to develop until the age of eight, and during these early years  it is essential to ensure that all is progressing normally.

It costs nothing to be reassured about your children’s eyes as examinations are free up to the age of sixteen and for children up to eighteen and in full-time education.

Why should I have my child’s eyes tested?

It is estimated that one in five children have an undiagnosed eye problem. This could range from not being able to read the board clearly at school, to an undiagnosed cataract. It is easy to assume that if a child  doesn’t complain then their eyes must be fine. This can be far from the truth, as children will assume that everyone else sees as they do.

There are many signs that may indicate your child is having problems with their vision.

Signs to look out  for include :

  • Frequent eye rubbing
  • Poor co-ordination
  • Avoidance of detailed close work like colouring puzzles
  • Holding books very close
  • Poor handwriting

Do eye problems run in families ?

Yes if either parent has worn glasses full time from an early age, there is an increased likelihood that any children may need glasses.

Your baby is at higher risk of eye problems if any of the following apply:

  • Family history of squint/eye turn
  • Family history of lazy eye
  • Premature babies or baby required special care baby unit
  • Low birth weight
  • Forceps or complicated delivery

How can you test my child if he doesn’t know his letters?

Vision can be assessed in many different ways. It is important to confirm that both your child’s eyes are working together properly and are both corrected to receive equally clear images. Once we are sure of this the vision can be assessed in babies by observing the way they look at images. We can use picture matching charts with toddlers who are able to name or point to images.

How early should I bring my child for an eye examination?

There is no lower age limit for an eye test. Even with babies we are able to check that the eyes are healthy, measure the prescription and check that the eyes are working together properly. If you have any concerns, bring your child to see us. If you have no worries, a check at the age of three is recommended. A condition called amblyopia or lazy eye is best treated before the age of three, and your child may not show any signs or symptoms.

Will the Optician put drops in my child’s eyes?

It is sometimes necessary to put drops, known as cycloplegics, in children’s eyes in order to relax the focusing muscles and gain a more accurate prescription.

Can my child wear contact lenses?

Many children can benefit from wearing contact lenses for all sorts of sporting, or social activities. If you think your child may be interested please come in for a consultation.

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Protective Eyewear for Sport

It is much better to prevent an injury than cure one! This is why rugby and football clubs are increasingly insisting on children using protective eyewear.

All our children’s protective eyewear for sport is reduced from £119 to £60. See our our spectacle frames page in products for more information.


If your child needs glasses we have a very large selection of children’s frames ranging from the smallest styles for babies to teen fashion. The NHS covers the cost of most frames and lenses for children, and also their repair or replacement due to fair wear and tear.

For the more discerning we have a designer children’s range including Ted Baker, Bench, Converse, Police 

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Children’s Eyecare

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