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Spectacle Lenses

Being independent opticians we are able to utilize lenses from a wide range of different manufacturers eg. Hoya, Jai Kudo, Shamir, enabling us to cover any of our patient’s needs.

Our principal  lens supplier is Rodenstock, a German company with laboratories in the UK. Rodenstock offer a huge range of high quality lenses and coatings and have been at the forefront of developing new lens technologies for years.

Here is a brief guide to some of your lens options;

Glass Lenses : rarely used today as they are relatively heavy and can shatter

Plastic Lenses : theses are light weight and therefore more comfortable  than glass,they are also safer as they are shatter proof. The majority of modern lenses are plastic.However they can scratch if handled roughly, so we offer a range of hard coatings along with anti reflection , water repellent , polarising , AV filters and  a whole range of coloured tints. These can all help you view the world more clearly.


VDEX Coloured tints : these are specialist tints prescribed to help those with a hyper sensitivity of the visual cortex , generally associated with dyslexia , and migraines when using computer.

Photochromic lenses have a built in light sensitive filtre which will darken quickly in sunlight , returning to virtually clear when back inside. This is particularly useful for those who wear their glasses most of the time allowing their regular spectacles to double up as sunglasses.

High Index lenses  the refractive index of a lens material influences how the lens focuses the light. A higher  refractive index allows the lens design to be thinner and flatter, this is especially desirable for higher presciptions which may otherwise be thick and unsightly.

High index option is available in glass, plastic and  photochromic materials

 Spectacle Lens Designs

Bifocal Lenses

When we reach middle age the flexibility of the focusing system in the eyes reduces. This results in us requiring different strength glasses for distance and reading.Some people opt for two separate pairs of glasses, which can prove inconvenient. For this reason bifocal lenses were invented to allow distance and near viewing through a single lens.

Multifocal [Varifocal or Progressive ] Lenses

The multifocal lens has largely superceded the bifocal lens. Like the bifocal lens, the multifocal provides distance focus through the top portion of the lens .The lens power then gradually increases as you look down until the reading power is reached at the bottom. In this way the lens provides a more natural, continuous focus, affording intermediate viewing for computer screens.

The most advance multifocal designs, such as the Rodenstock Impressions are bespoke lenses. Not everyone’s visual requirements are the same,and peoples eyes and faces are not standard shapes and sizes. These lenses are designed for you as an individual and are the latest in lens design technology.

Rodenstock Ergo Lenses are especially designed for comfortable vision centered around a computer.


Rodenstock promise confidence behind the wheel with their new Road driving lenses 



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Check out the new Rodenstock Road driving lenses for confidence behind the wheel this winter

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The newly developed Rodenstock DNEye Scanner is now added to our range of optical instruments. Visit our services page for further information.