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Contact Lenses

The latest in lens material and design allows you to see clearly with contact lenses, whilst maintaining the health of your eyes.

As independent opticians we are able to supply lenses from the full spectrum of manufacturers, allowing us to offer you a number of fitting options based on your life style, prescription and budget.


Some of the lenses currently available include ;

  • Daily,Weekly, Two Weekly and Monthly Disposable;
  • Hard, Gas-permeable and Soft lens materials;
  • Toric lenses which correct astigmatism;
  • Extended Wear lenses which can be left in place overnight ;
  • Ultra Violet absorbing lenses for sun protection;
  • Tinted lenses which enhance the natural eye colour;
  • Cosmetic tinted lenses which dramatically change the eye’s appearence;
  • Multifocal contact lenses


Benefits of contact lenses 

  • comfortable
  • easy to use
  • freedom from  glasses
  • improved confidence
  • flexibility of wear,daily/occasional
  •  safe for sports
  • don’t steam up
  • wear in the rain
  • all round vision

Tinted contact lenses that change the colour of your eyes are available in daily as well as monthly disposable options, why not make an appointment today and discover the new you?

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Check out the new Rodenstock Road driving lenses for confidence behind the wheel this winter

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It is important to have your eyes tested regularly to detect visual defects such as Glaucoma, Cataracts and age related
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The newly developed Rodenstock DNEye Scanner is now added to our range of optical instruments. Visit our services page for further information.